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Eddy's Toyota in Wichita, KS is proud to be apart of an automotive company that is so forward thinking.  Toyota is currently working on a clean car that runs on an electric motor but unlike the large battery packs of other electric cars this model is a step up.  Toyota is using a hydrogen fuel cell placed beneath the front seats that feeds a steady stream of power to the car's engine.  Not only can the power last way longer than the average electric car on the road, but it fills up in minutes and is actually going to be available to the mass public in 2015 in many cities.  Perked your interest yet? Well it certainly has perked ours here at Eddy's Toyota so we thought we would dig a little deeper.

"It's one thing to bring a new technology to market.  It's another to bring it to the mass market," said Jane Hartline, environmental communications manager for Toyota.  Eddy's Toyota couldn't agree more.  With so many cool technologies on the horizon with cell phones, television, computers and more it isn't hard to believe that the next step is new car technology is one that everyone can use. Toyota has stated that this newer version of electric cars will come with a wide variety of lower prices and can travel more than 300 miles before needing to refuel with hydrogen.

This new fuel cell sedan has been quoted by test drivers to be quiet and quick off a stop sign with smooth handling.  Toyota wants people who live outside of urban limits to be able to enjoy the clean car life style.  While most battery charged electric cars can go anywhere from 145 to 265 miles per charge this new sedan can go well over 300 before a fuel up.  Plus other electric car drivers really need to plan for a few hours to charge their vehicles while the fuel cell sedans are good to go in minutes.

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Photo credits to Paul Chinn, The Chronicle

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