Happy Customer Comments this month at Eddy's Toyota

One of our top goals at Eddy's Toyota is to have happy customers.  We strive to see people smiling every day so when we get feedback like the comments below we know we have done our jobs right. 

Here are just some of the positive responses and reviews we got from our Eddy's Toyota customers in February 2015.  Thank you for your business and compliments!  We owe everything to our customers. 

·         Car was cleaned and ready to go in very timely manner.

·         I got right in on time and did not have to wait very long for the service to be done. Car was nice and clean.

·         Continue to offer lots of times for service appointments.

·         He did a very nice job of explaining the systems of the car. He helped us, set up our phones in the computer system.

·         it was good. they told us the price of the car, and the trade in valve of our cars and that is what I was looking for.

·         liked using the internet for scheduling, very convienient

·         I asked for my vehicle to be really looked over and asked for recommended services or future services needed. Dat explained all recommended services and provided cost estimates, was very helpful in planning a maintenance plan.

·         Personable, low pressure, wanted to make sure I got the car right for me.

·         Good maintenance service on my vehicle

·         Sam Tilbury was one of the best salesmen that I have ever had in all my years of purchasing vehicles. He was calm and collect wasn't pushy or arrogant. I liked his style of salesmanship. He was truly caring and took care of everything. He has contacted me several times after my purchase. I am 55 years old and this was my first new vehicle purchase. Please give him praises for the job he does!

·         Sebastian was very quick and efficient in his duties. Appreciated the way he quickly went thru all the paperwork yet was very thorough. He was very friendly and made sure I understood everything.

·         Keep the communication between the dealership and the customer going after the purchase

·         Very simple & straightforward procedure.

·         It is always fast and an excellent experience, every one is always friendly and great to deal with! Keep up the good work!! I have owned nothing by Honda's and after having the Toyota I will be sticking with Toyota!!

·         I always enjoy having my car worked on because it is usually washed, vacuumed and wiped down. This time it wasn't wiped down on the inside but it was vacuumed and washed, that is awesome!

·         It was easy and fast. The receptionist was very friendly!

·         Always clean and friendly staff!

·         Keep staying friendly and prompt!!!

·         So far my car is always ready before they tell me it will be! Good work!!!

·         he was quit friendly and smart

·         Becky tucker was the best sales person my wife and I have ever had. I will definitely by a car from her again

·         It was cleaned. Filled with gas and ready to go. Becky tucker even took some time to go over the stereo and electronics in the vehicle and helped her sync her phone.

·         I really liked the Allstate insurance office inside. And the free quote. The service area and the iPad on the waiting chairs

·         He was kind, knowledgeable, helpful, patient and I was convinced that he was more interested in meeting my needs than just making a sale. I have never had such a high quality car buying experience.

·         james st.peter and Lenard i feel went out of there way to make wife and my self very comfortable ,this was the least stressful buying experence with an auto deal ship i have ever had, Eddys Toyota is the best dealership i have dealt with in a very longe time. also there is no buyers remorse. i credit this to the way James st.peter and Lenard handled our deal and choices James St.peter and Lenord are a great asset to Eddys Toyota

·         went very well Mr.Rodrigues explained every step in the process made it easy to understand he did his job vary well

·         went very well the least stressful car buying experence i have ever had; no high pressure, no bate and switch, and no pushing to buy a certain model

·         Junior was very helpful in helping me with very thing I needed to make the transition from our 2007 Toyota into the 2015 Toyota. He was a pleasure to do business with, If and when I change vehicles or Have a chance to refer Junior and Eddy's Toyota, I will do so. Eddy's Toyota treated me dealing with the 2007 Toyota Corolla that I traded in and I am confident that that care will continue on into the future. Thank You Toyota for a great Car!

·         They did a great job in helping me find a deal that what make it possible to get into the 2015 Corolla. It was a long process, but it was very, very fruitful. Again, I say thank You Eddy's Toyota.

·         The person, who helped with the final paper work was very pleasant, helpful. knowledgeable, and friendly during the whole process. He made a pleasant experience.

·         Amazing answered all my questions and will make me a lifelong customer and sending all referrals to Tony.

·         The Facilities are in immaculate condition. Plenty of light. easy access to personal, and the service area is well manned and very helpful.

·         Love using the online appointment application. Lets me know what is available without having to ask tons of questions and I can make an appointment that works with my schedule very easily.

·         The individuals I worked with in the service reception area were nice and helpful

·         Eddy's Toyota is a great place and tend to go back! Daniel was great to work with!

·         Mitch was helpful from the start and worked hard to find a vehicle that matched what I was looking for. I was originally looking to purchase a used vehicle but decided to lease a new one instead and he was great about going through the process with me and making sure everything went smoothly.

·         I was very impressed with the dealership's facilities and they far exceeded my expectations.

·         Landon Morris was very personable and gave me his cell phone number so I could contact him with any concerns. He did a great job!

·         Daniel in the service dept. ALWAYS treats me with the up most respect and goes the extra mile to take care of my wants and needs

·         I first had an appointment scheduled and then had to reschedule due to a conflict. It was so easy to make a new appointment. I had no problems what so ever.

·         The staff there were great. I appreciate the shuttle service. If the sales department ran like the service department, I would never buy a vehicle elsewhere.

·         The employees were professional, helpful and friendly

·         Very funny and helpful. Professional in his approach and the entire process.

·         Everything was fine. Friendly service department.

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