Eddy's Toyota Reviews Wichita, KS

Here at Eddy's Toyota we encourage and request customer feedback.  We want to hear from our customers so that we know 1) they are 100% satisfied and 2) how we can improve our systems and practices.  

Below are just a few recent Eddy's Toyota Reviews that we have received via email, internet, and follow up interactions. Enjoy! 

·         Paul did an exceptional job!

·         Very knowledgeable the car and was very good to work with, i enjoyed the experience.

·         It was easy to set up an appointment on line.

·         The reception was very polite and quick

·         Service adviser was friendly and helpful.

·         It's very easy to get an appointment when needed

·         The service department is outstanding!

·         Facilities are nice pleasant and comfortable area that looks very clean and modern.

·         It did not take too long for them to change oil. During my wait I had a (free) coffee in there waiting area. I also glanced at new cars in the show room.

·         Alvin was efficient and courteous. He called for a cab to take to me work shortly after I stated my need for transportation to work.

·         very polite and we got it done quickly.

·         Dat the service writer is awesome

·         Landon was helpful in finding the exact model that we wanted and was able to re-route it to us.

·         Amazing. Thoroughly explained all options I had and I wasn't even plan on buying that day. He did such a great job showing the car and it's features and was so positive he made me want to buy.

·         Got a great deal. He got me in my payment range I needed to be within and on a brand new car!

·         While Waiting for finance, tony filled up the gas tank and sent the car to detail. He came back with all the owners manual and books and we went over those one by one and he introduced me to service, parts, and customer service departments. A+++ I felt special

·         Very nice person, good salesman manor.

·         Sarah was awesome, and truly helpful! We were looking for something safe and nice to bring our baby home in and she helped us do that! Easiest and best car buying experience I've ever had!

·         Tony and Landon ate the BEST!

·         Brett Hemphill was the best part of my new vehicle purchase. He was very helpful and very honest. I enjoyed meeting him and working with him through the process of buying a new vehicle.

·         Brett was very attentive. He was most creative soliciting my business without being overtly intrusive. I believe his honest demeanor will take him far in whatever career he chooses

·         Sam was excellent. Would recommend him to others.

·         Sam was very thorough in explaining all the features of the car

·         Max was great providing outstanding service. He was quick to respond to questions and helped out as much as possible. Thanks Max!

·         Dalton is the reason we drove so far to purchase a new vehicle. He was more professional & delivered on the sale. No big run like the other care salespeople I encountered.

·         The car was clean and in the delivery bay! Very exceptionally considering all the snow that day.

·         They delivery as promised with no hidden agenda! Like I experienced with all the other dealerships.

·         We drove to a different state to purchase the Toyota 4 Runner; due extremely bad customer service and sever over pricing. No only did Dalton keep his word, he delivered the exact vehicle I told him we wanted to purchase (site unseen). No games just a great salesman!!

·         Very friendly Dealership & they displayed great teamwork. The drink area was out of stock on several items.

·         Appointment was easy to schedule. Toyota personnel were polite.

·         Sam Tilbury went above and beyond for me to help me find that right car within my budget. Very pleased with him and my new car!

·         Sam showed me how to use all of the functions in my new car and let me know if I ever had questions to contact him

·         Excellent service and friendly employees!!

·         Grant had a good balance between engaging the customer without being too pushy. Gave the customer time to find the car that they wanted and did not overwhelm the customer with phone calls or emails. His patience as a salesman is appreciated.

·         I appreciated that the finance person didn't push unwanted services onto the customer. Presented the services and accepted the declination of those services without challenge.

·         Provide excellent ongoing service for my vehicle and continue to offer Toyota's at the best deals possible.


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