Eddy's Toyota Surprises Single Working Mom of Three With Her Choice of a Brand-New Vehicle

Wichita's Hardest Working Mom Catches a Huge Break -- Before Her Car Breaks Down


So many Wichitans work hard each day, some at two jobs, working as single parents to stay afloat while keeping a family together. Stephanie Feuerborn is no different. The St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School teacher works two jobs at the school to support her family as a single mother. Her second job after her teaching is done for the day is in the school's Extended Day program, which helps her spend more time with her children while increasing her income. "I do whatever I can to earn extra money as a single parent," she says. Feuerborn even spends her summers tutoring to earn more for her family.


She sees herself as truly blessed. After all, she loves teaching at the Catholic school. She adores her students and her supervisors love her as do her students. St. Catherine's School Principal Betty Hunt says, "Stephanie is not only a wonderful person, but a wonderful teacher." Feuerborn prays the Rosary with her kids as she drives them to school and asks them to look outside themsleves to see what others may need. She has been driving her kids in a minivan that's on its last days with no idea how she will replace it. Feuerborn says she's been willing to sacrifice to make ends meet -- even if that means driving an aging van with embarrassing cracks in the windshield and loads of mechanical problems that cause her worry about getting around.


That is, until Brandon Steven, owner of several car dealerships in town, hears about her.


Steven's children attend St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School too and he heard about the wonderful, hard-working teacher who doesn't complain. Steven knows hard work and recognizes the sacrifice because he is the Wichita business leader who is known never to be satisfied. When he heard about Feuerborn, he couldn't rest without doing something to help her out.


Steven decided to use his company's Eddy's For Good inititave, in partnership with the Wichita Eagle, to gift Feuerborn with a brand-new vehicle of her choice. Eddy's Toyota went to great lengths in order to keep the surprise quiet until the big day -- March 29, 2016. That's when a convoy of thirteen different 2016 vehicles rolled up at the school for her to choose from. They were:


The Chevy Cruze, Malibu, or Equinox; Dodge Grand Caravan, or Journey; Jeep Cherokee or Patriot; Chrysler 200; Ford Escape or Fusion; and Toyota Camry, Rav4 or Prius.


The Element of Surprise

Feuerborn merely thought she was attending a school assmbly. Then her coworkers told her that it was about her. She knew a reporter from the Wichita Eagle had put together a story about her, so she wasn't surprised when Steven popped onto the screen. At first, she thought he was about to give her a gift card to purchase school supplies for her class. She was in shock to find out not only that he was giving her a brand-new car but she'd get to pick it out too! Feuerborn couldn't even cry; she simply couldn't believe it was happening! Then they asked her to walk outside and take a look at 13 brand new cars, all with balloons attached to them.


Out the many options, Feuerborn chose the 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. The car starts at $22,095 MSRP and features the Stow N' Go seating and storage system -- perfect for a family of active kids. The 143 cubic feet of cargo space can handle whatever the teacher and her three children need to haul. Feurborn says her kids find this feature amazing, "They keep trying to show people that you can just push the button and the seat flips down practically on its own."


The major selling point that made it stand out above the other dozen vehicles was its space. She says, "It was the only car with a third row big enough to fit my kids' long legs!"


God Answered Her Prayers


Feuerborn was praying for a house. Now that she has a reliable car and no car payments, that house is a possibility that didn't exist before. She says, "We don't have any car payments anymore, so the kids and I are in an apartment now but we may be able to get into a house now that I don't have a car payment -- even more exciting!" The savings factor with the 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan is huge for her. She pays less on auto insurance because the car has so many safety features her old one didn't. She's saving money on fuel too because she only needs to fill up every week and a half.


She and her family will be driving around Wichita in safety and style now, without having to worry about how much longer the family car will last. She calls her new ride "just so fancy" and the "perfect mom car with just the right amount of cup holders." The experience wasn't lost on her first grade students at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School either. They have enjoyed their teacher's instant celebrity status and are begging her to drive them in her new Dodge on their next field trip. Her lesson to them has been about gratitude and, "how God provides when you need something."


The ultimate takeaway from the experience isn't even the car. Feuerborn says, "Whenever God gives you something, he gives you more than you asked for."


Eddy's For Good is that simple.


Even if you aren't Brandon Steven with fleets of cars at your disposal, you can nominate someone who you'd like to see receive a car just like Ms. Feuerborn did! Do you know someone who deserves a new car, but who can't afford one? Maybe they are a hard worker, someone who never gives up, or just someone who stands out in your mind. You can nominate them through Eddy's For Good! Tell us their story. Why do they need new wheels, and what stands in their way of getting that brand new vehicle? How can it change their life?



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