What's covered under the Lifetime Warranty?*

The components covered will be the exact same as the Factory "Powertrain" Warranty and including:

ENGINE: Cylinder block & head & all internal parts, Pistons, Connecting rods, Crankshaft, Intake Manifold, Timing gears, & gaskets, Timing chain/belt & cover, Flywheel, Valve covers, Oil Pan, Oil pump, Turbocharger housing & all, Internal Parts, Superchargers housing & and all internal parts, Water Pump, Seals & gaskets.

TRANSMISSION & TRANSAXLE: Case & and all internal parts, Planetary Gear Set, Valve Body, Torque Converter, Clutch Cover, Transfer Case & all internal parts, Seals & gaskets

FRONT WHEEL DRIVE SYSTEM: Final drive housing & all internal parts, Limited Slip 
Differential, Axle Shafts, Drive Shaft, Constant velocity joints, Seals & gaskets

REAR WHEEL DRIVE SYSTEM: Axle housing & all internal parts, Ring & Pinion, Limited Slip Differential, Propeller Shaft, U-Joints, Axle shaft, & Drive Shaft.

*Please see actual warranty certificate for full details of coverage.