First Time Toyota Buyers at Eddy's Toyota in Wichita, Kansas

Tips for Purchasing your First Vehicle!

Determine Your Price Range: Budget

At Eddy's Toyota you don't have to worry about added on costs like maintenance. We give you complimentary Toyota Care for 2 years! That means with every new Toyota purchase you'll be given complimentary oil changes and so much more! We'll even give your new ride a nice polish anytime you want because we offer complimentary car washes for the lifetime that you own your Eddy's vehicle. Know what you can and can't afford and know that maintenance is no sweat with a new Toyota! You may be parting with your beloved bike, skateboard or Brutis (We know you named your first ride.) Have no fear! First time car buyers get our non-commissioned sales approach at Eddy's- No hard sell bullying tactics here! Best of all- with your low monthly payment - you won't have to skip Happy Hour after work!

Vehicle Needs

Determine what is right for you. You probably live in around Wichita, Kansas, maybe Derby, Emporia, Salina, Kansas City or even Oklahoma City if you're looking at buying from Eddy's. We get all facets of weather so a Harley Davidson probably isn't a good choice for your primary vehicle. Know your commute and how much you're budgeting for fuel each month. A fuel efficient vehicle is definitely something we offer with the 53MPG Prius C. Know what your needs are and we'll help you find the vehicle that fits your lifestyle! Maybe a bike rack is needed for your beloved first ride, Brutis.

Get Exclusive Savings

Bells and Whistles

Determine what the cost is with or without that moon roof. Odds are you can probably not get that 3rd round at the bar on Friday night and be able to afford what you want. Determine if you're willing to cook at home one extra night a week or if the fancy running boards are really the best option for you. I know built-in navigation and a super cool bumpin' sound system is rockin'. If it's an extra $10 a month, chances are it's time to splurge! (You work hard, get what you want!)


I have the smartest imaginary friend every and his name is Google. There are lots of resources out there to determine what vehicle is best for you, but there is NOTHING and I MEAN NOTHING like taking the wheel in your own hands and going out on the open road in a test drive. Google is a great tool, but be sure to look at reputable references like Consumer Reports, AutoTrader, Kelley Blue Book and other names and sources you can trust. That guys blog from Smallsville, Oklahoma probably isn't the go-to trustworthy source. Remember your friends and neighbors are good sources to ask! See what their maintenance costs are. Did their car hold its value when they traded it in? Was it functional for them? How comfortable was it? Did they have to take it in for service every other week? Social media is a great way to ask, "Have you ever owned a Toyota (specific model you're interested in)?" The list goes on and on, my favorites are Camry, Prius and Rav4. Your network of social connections will give you their honest feedback. Odds are, it'll help guide you to making the best decision.

Do Yo Own Thang

Remember, this is YOUR FIRST CAR or TRUCK. It doesn't matter if Mom says the running board is too high. She isn't jumping in and out of it every day. It doesn't matter if the breaks are 'too tight' or if Grandpa doesn't believe in all the hybrid technology. This is your car that has to fit your needs and make you happy! This is your time and it's ALL ABOUT YOU!

This Could be You:

First-time buyers at Eddy's Toyota drive home happy in Wichita, KSBuy your first Toyota from Eddy's Toyota in Wichita, KS